Impregnating leather


The natural material leather keeps up with every fashion. There are over 200 different types of leather: from elegant smooth leather to fine suede.

For the long-term enjoyment of your leather shoes, bags, or even jackets, you need to care for them regularly. This also includes impregnation.

Impregnation protects leather from wetness and dirt. The fine spray mist of the IMPRÄGNOL sprays creates a fine protective layer over every pore of leather items. Wetness thus cannot penetrate the leather nor can dirt collect on it. The latter is particularly important for porous leathers, including suede, for example.

At the same time, breathability is retained as the fine protective impregnation layer does not cause the fibres of the leather to stick together.

Impregnating before first-time use

New leather shoes, bags, and jackets are often not pre-impregnated. Treat these items to a protective impregnation treatment with IMPRÄGNOL before you wear them for the first time. Then they will look like new for longer.

How it works:

Spray leather items evenly in accordance with the instruction manual and in a well-ventilated space. Ideally apply outside, for example on the balcony.

Then leave the leather items to air properly.

A second impregnation treatment may be advisable for very light or delicate leathers. Simply leave the leather to dry after the first treatment and then reapply.

Renewing the impregnation

All IMPRÄGNOL products are characterised by their long-term protection. Every now and again, however, the protection may wear off following heavy usage or excessive wetness. This is when it’s time to renew the impregnation.

How it works:

Leave the leather item to dry. Carefully remove any dirt. Clean and treat shoes using shoe cream, for instance. Once the care treatment is absorbed and complete, you can apply the impregnation. Simply spray the leather item evenly without saturating the material. Ensure good ventilation. Your leather items are now protected again wetness and dirt.


Of course you impregnate leather, but what about regular clothing? Try it. Why shouldn’t your textiles also benefit from the practical IMPRÄGNOL protection against wetness and dirt?

The impregnation of clothing is particularly useful for jackets, coats, and blazers, as well as for shoes and clothing made from textiles.

Impregnation creates an invisible protective layer on the textile. Wetness and dirt cannot penetrate the fibres. At the same time, breathability and therefore also wearing comfort are retained.

Protection against dirt


You’d rather not wear the light shoes or white jacket today? Sometimes you leave your light and delicate clothing in the wardrobe so that you don’t have to spend the whole day worrying about stains.

Put an end to all that. Wear light and delicate clothing whenever you like. Use IMPRÄGNOL Dirt Stopper to protect your clothing against dirt and stains, such as those caused by soil, grass, or dust. Its easy-clean effect ensures that any soiling can simply be wiped away.

An invisible protective layer prevents dirt particles from penetrating and sticking to the item. Because dirt and dust quickly make light items look unclean and take away from the brightness of coloured items. With IMPRÄGNOL Dirt Stopper, light colours stay light and colours shine.

In addition, IMPRÄGNOL Dirt Stopper safely protects against wetness and retains breathability.

Outdoor and functional clothing



We place high demands on our outdoor and functional clothing. The high-tech materials have to provide reliable protection against wind and weather and offer wearing comfort at the same time.

Such performance deserves special care. With IMPRÄGNOL, you can wash and impregnate your valuable outdoor and functional clothing like a professional.

Although the functional fibres are robust in their outdoor element, they are rather sensitive when being washed. Normal detergents might damage the membrane functions, and fabric softener definitely has to be avoided. With IMPRÄGNOL Special Washing Agent for outdoor and functional sports clothing, you can clean and maintain your clothing both gently and thoroughly. All membrane functions are retained.

You can impregnate your outdoor and functional clothing to refresh it or after it has been cleaned. IMPRÄGNOL Special Impregnation Spray is specifically designed to meet the requirements of outdoor and functional sports clothing. It offers safe protection against wetness, dirt, and oil stains. At the same time, it retains all membrane functions and breathability.

With this kind of protection, you can enjoy being active—in any weather.

Washing outdoor and functional sports clothing correctly


There are numerous functional fabrics, some of which have extremely different washing requirements. Please carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s care label before washing.

General reminders for washing:

  • Normal detergents might damage the functionality of the clothing. IMPRÄGNOL Special Washing Agent for outdoor and functional sports clothing gently cleans your clothing and retains the membrane functions.
  • Rinse thoroughly: detergent residues should be rinsed out as thoroughly as possible. New and very energy-efficient washing machines rinse using relatively little water. It may therefore be advisable to run a second rinse cycle.
  • Either spin at a low speed or avoid the spin cycle altogether. The care label will provide information in this respect.
  • Tumble or line dry? This depends on the fibre. Follow the instructions on the care label. Air drying is often recommended. However, tumble drying activates the manufacturer’s impregnation layer on some fabrics.

Impregnating outdoor and functional sports clothing correctly


Water-repellent or watertight functional clothing does not need to be  impregnated against wetness before first-time use. IMPRÄGNOL Dirt Stopper offers protection against dirt. It protects your new clothing against stains and dirt.

After washing, the impregnation on this clothing also needs to be renewed. Impregnate your functional textiles particularly quickly and easily with IMPRÄGNOL Special Impregnation Spray. It protects your clothing against wetness and dirt and retains all functionality.

After ironing, simply hang up jackets, trousers, and shirts and spray according to the instructions. The spray is also suitable for walking and sports shoes.

Why carbon instead of silicon?

Impregnation products are split into two major groups: carbon-based impregnation agents and silicon-based impregnation agents.

IMPRÄGNOL has opted for carbon-based substances. This is firstly because these substances offer excellent long-term protection against wetness. And secondly, they also protect against dirt and stains—silicon does not offer this type of protection.

Make use of this double protection for your shoes and clothing. And you no longer need to worry about the weather.